Ask Pat: What is a Gallery Dealer & Do the Duette’s Really Work?

We are back again with some of our frequently asked questions! Our answers come from Pat, one of our knowledgable salesman from Georgia Blinds and Interiors.

What does it mean that you’re a “Gallery”?

We feel that offering a gallery to display a wide variety of window coverings and other products can be helpful in deciding the best direction to go when covering your windows. As a Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer, our professional staff, expertly trained by Hunter Douglas, can help select the best product(s) for you while offering great deals, promotions, rebates, and The Right Choice Promise – exclusive to Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers. Come in and see us and we’ll be glad to show you!

Do the Duettes really work? How?

The Duettes are the most energy efficient shade on the market. 6 layers of fabric creating 5 air pockets makes the Duette Architella Trielle the most energy efficient shade you can get for both summer and winter. During the harsh winter months, up to 45% heat loss is prevented; and during the summer months, up to 84% unwanted heat gain is prevented. In other words, your shades will help keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer more efficiently and cut down on your power bill!

Glimpse at this image of the interior window taken by a previous client who has Duette Architella shades in their home during the Atlanta Ice/Snow storm we recently experienced! “I felt a cold draft coming from behind the shades. I then lifted them up and saw this (see picture). I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how much ice had formed behind my Duette Architella shades!”

Don’t forget there are some great savings you can take advantage of through the Hunter Douglas rebates offered now through March 31, 2014: Receive a $25 rebate per unit on Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades. *Ask for more details

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Jaipur Rugs in Atlanta

Georgia Blinds and Interiors is elated to be your Atlanta Jaipur Rug Dealer! Right now, we will pass along this 15% off all indoor/outdoor rugs off a NEW minimum order of $500. See image for details.

Jaipur Rugs have 1,200 designs and over 6,000 rugs ready to be delivered to your home from their warehouse in Atlanta! Who doesn’t love to shop local?? They also have 4,000 artisans in their Jaipur Rug making network.

We have rug catalogs and samples at our Atlanta Showroom! Call 404-252-6991 today and schedule a design consult to select your new rug. This sale won’t be around all year, so act now during the month of February!

Here are a few glimpses of the 2014 New Introductions from the Jaipur Line:

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Grey Design Trends in 2014

Even though the weather has brought lots of dreary shades of grey lately with snow and rain, there are still dazzling ways you can cheer up your home on the inside with this color! Georgia Blinds and Interiors is your Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer in Atlanta and Sally, from the Hunter Douglas website, describes her view on this topic:

Whether you spell it grey or gray (I prefer the former), everyone knows this color is a major player in the design field. Grey can land anywhere on the color spectrum from cool and light to dark and deep, making it a hue that can stand on its own or influence other colors in a room.

On the lighter, cooler side of things, the color grey goes by names like Silver Mist, White Stone, Cement, or Platinum. These cooler grey tones work well as a grounding color to lighter pastels, making the whole look less sugary sweet. Mixed with mid-toned shades, grey adds weight and a contemporary feeling. Mixed with deeper toned colors, cool grey becomes more of a neutral background color, almost disappearing as it steps aside for the deeper colors to take center stage.

The warmer, deeper greys work great with more saturated colors. Pewter, Steel Wool, Stormy Grey, and Charcoal Grey are common names for colors in this deeper toned category. I recently saw a fabric that used a combination of dark grey, emerald green, and sunny yellow. The grey again became the neutral color, but added a richness that a beige color wouldn’t have been able to.

We also see grey used to make colors more complex. For example, take the color beige, add grey, and you’ll get a delightful chameleon color that might look taupey or beige/grey (otherwise known as greige). It all depends on what you put with it. This range of colors is what I call transitional colors, and they work well in hallways and spaces where you are transitioning from one living area to another. Think of them like a bridge connecting one space to another, where each might have totally different color schemes going on. These more complex grey tones help neutralize without being bland or boring.

Grey is also a wonderful color metalized—think of the shine of silver or plated silver. In this instance, grey becomes more formal because of its sheen. It’s the same for platinum designed accessories mixed with crystal. They are the height of elegance and formality. Pewter is another color in the grey family that can add appeal. It is warmer than silver, but also more casual, which means it can dress down a room but still add some visual interest with its subtle sheen. Grey accessories like mercury glass are another way to bring this color into your home. I love the glow of mercury glass candleholders and the various shapes that are created from the light.

Have you noticed the influence of grey on wood tones? From the furniture market to the window covering industry, lighter wood tones take a cue from the color grey. The look isn’t an all-over grey finish, but leans more toward an artisan look with some veins or slats that are grayer, while some others might be more beige. This multi-toned approach has more variety to it across all sorts of wood tones, and is a bit more palatable than the look of black painted furniture, which can be quite stark. With the exception of dark woods (like mahogany or cherry), grey is making itself well known.

With the popularity of nickel and stainless steel in lighting, tile, appliances, and accessories, I don’t believe grey is going anywhere anytime soon.

Hunter Douglas has more than 50 shades of grey available to you. A few of my favorites include Pirouette® window shadings, which have Starlight, Pagoda, and Cosmopolitan, all of which are wonderful, beautiful greys. For Alustra® Silhouette® window shadings, there are Champagne Shine and Silver Reflections shades—both possessing an undertone of grey and are available with Silver Reflections hardware. Sit back and listen to the compliments flow!

As always, I hope my suggestions help you as you shop for window fashions. As you browse, I also recommend you use some of these great Hunter Douglas online resources:

Have you been inspired by Sally’s detailed ideas of ways to illuminate your home with the color grey? Don’t wait! Call Georgia Blinds and Interiors today and schedule your design consultation to start making your ideas come to fruition at 404-252-6991.

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Hunter Douglas Sale

Hi, this is Lauren from Georgia Blinds and Interiors. How do energy savings and style go together? Very wisely… at the Hunter Douglas Energy Smart Style Event available through Georgia Blinds and Interiors, going on February 1st through March 31st. You can make intelligent choices for your home by selecting energy-efficient window fashions from Hunter Douglas, now available with valuable rebate offers.

At the Hunter Douglas Energy Smart Style Event, you can save on insulating, Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades…dramatic, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades…and light-diffusing, Silhouette® window shadings…all of which can help you save energy, help make your home more comfortable in any climate, and make your rooms far more beautiful. Now, that’s pretty smart. So, don’t miss the Hunter Douglas Energy Smart Style Event going on February 1st through March 31st. Limitations and restrictions apply. Ask for details.

Visit our Hunter Douglas Atlanta Gallery Showroom today. Or Call Georgia Blinds and Interiors at 404-252-6991 to schedule your design consultation!

Did you take advantage of the last Hunter Douglas sale (tis the season for style)? Make sure your rebate is postmarked no later than this Friday!!

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A Mini Series: Ask Pat

Pat, one of our showroom managers and salesmen at Georgia Blinds and Interiors, has answered some of our most frequently asked questions about different window covering topics!

How do I clean my shades?

  • Each shade is a little bit different, but the occasional light dusting is usually the way to go. Canned air or a blow-dryer on the cool setting is also useful when bugs or dust particles find their way into the cell of some shades.
  • For a more detailed and specific list of instructions check out:

Can I measure and install the shades myself?

  • Sometimes for rough estimates it can be helpful; but we offer a free in home measure and design consultation where our trained professionals measure your windows to the eighth of an inch to ensure a custom fit.
  • For installations, the product reference library provides detailed instructions for installation (, but we highly recommend you trust our Hunter Douglas Certified Master Installer with the installation to guarantee a safe installation and proper function of your shades.

Is there a shade that I can see out but people can’t see in?

  • There are several options in the Hunter Douglas line that have semi sheer fabrics and varying levels of openness that provide some privacy in the day time while still allowing a view to the outside. The general rule is, if you can see outside in the day time, people can see in at night; so several products integrate opaque and semi-opaque fabrics with the sheer.
  • Silhouettes, Duette Duolite, and Dual Roller shades are just a few examples that provide options for both privacy and view.
  • Going with products that are Top-Down/Bottom up is another great option, particularly for bedrooms and bathrooms, as they can allow a view from the top of the window while keeping privacy below.

Keep checking back as Pat continues to answer our top questions asked by our clients!

Want to schedule a free in home measure and design consultation? Call our Atlanta Gallery Showroom at 404-252-6991 today. We look forward to working with you!

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Pirouette Shades are my favorite!

Melissa is an outstanding and knowledgeable team member of Georgia Blinds and Interiors’ staff. Interested in finding out what your designer’s thoughts are on window treatments currently? Here are some of her answers:

What is your favorite product or products right now and why?

I love the Pirouettes! They have such a beautiful look when they are open or closed. The fabrics are fabulous and can fit in with almost any interior colors.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Powerrise

What special upgrades do you recommend for that product and why?

I really love the PowerRise option for the Pirouette Window Shadings. I have them in my family room and it makes it so easy and effortless to open or close many windows at the same time.

Are you working on a project using Pirouette Window Shades?

I have a client right now who is wanting the Pirouette PowerRise for her bedroom with 6 windows. She has beautiful views of downtown Atlanta and the Pirouettes will give her several ways of opening up that view. That project should be completed by mid-February.

Georgia Blinds and Interiors is proud to have Melissa as part of their team. She has completed the Hunter Douglas certified training every year and has over 25 years of experience in window dressing.

We have heard time and time again from her clients that she always tries to go the “extra mile.” Customer service is the key to making sure that each person loves their new window treatments!

Interested in working with Melissa on your next project or would like to know more about Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shades? Call 404-252-6991 today!

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Update Your Home Decor in 2014

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Hunter Douglas Architella Trielle

Are you looking for warmer winters, cooler summers and lower energy bills for your home? The secret to year-round comfort (even with the deep freeze temperatures we have seen in Atlanta this week) is in the layers of Architella Trielle by Hunter Douglas.

With six insulating layers, the Architella Trielle provides 20% increased energy efficiency over the original Architella construction – the most of any Hunter Douglas window covering!

Architella Trielle with IllumiCell provides similar light transmission as original Architella shades.

The new 1 1/2″ pleat size showcases the refined elegance of the Elan fabric.

This product is available in three top-selling semi-opaque and opaque fabric colors.

Interested in Duette Architella Trielle by Hunter Douglas? Call Georgia Blinds and Interiors your Atlanta Gallery Showroom dealer today at 404-252-6991 and schedule your design consultation!

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Georgia Blinds 13 Top Pins for 2013

Did you know that Georgia Blinds and Interiors is on Pinterest? Come join our pinning community and follow us! As the year comes to a close, we thought we would highlight 13 of our favorite pins for 2013.

Pin #1 from Cool Spaces

Pin #2 from Pretty Window Fashions

Pin #3 from Pretty Window Fashions

Pin #4 from Pretty Window Fashions

Pin #5 from Kid's Rooms

Pin #6 from Kitchens & Dining Rooms

Pin #7 from Love this Idea!

Pin #8 from Lighting

Pin #9 from Art

Pin #10 from Bedding + Bedrooms

Pin #11 from Georgia Blinds and Interiors

Pin #12 from Georgia Blinds and Interiors

Pin #13 from Pillows

Happy New Year from Georgia Blinds and Interiors! We will be
closed only on New Year’s Day.

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Merry Christmas!

“As we see 2013 come to an end I would like to express a heart felt thank you to our awesome team at Georgia Blinds & Interiors for making this a successful year! In addition, I want to add a note of gratitude to the great clients that we have had the opportunity of assisting with their projects and thank you again for your business.  Have a safe and happy holiday with your family and friends. We look for to seeing you in 2014!” ~ Pam Cole

Our holiday hours for this week:
Monday: 10am – 5:30pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 10am – 5:30pm
Friday: 10am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

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